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Push Button Imperial-3/16

Diameter / Grades Grip Length (Inch) 3/16 – ST 3/16 – SU 3/16 – SS 3/16 -SV 0.10 SBPBI18PB010ST SBPBI18PB010SU SBPBI18PB010SS select ST version 0.20 SBPBI18PB020ST SBPBI18PB020SU SBPBI18PB020SS select ST version 0.30 SBPBI18PB030ST SBPBI18PB030SU SBPBI18PB030SS select ST version 0.40 SBPBI18PB040ST SBPBI18PB040SU SBPBI18PB040SS select ST version 0.50 SBPBI18PB050ST SBPBI18PB050SU SBPBI18PB050SS SBPBI18PB050Sv 0.60 SBPBI18PB060ST SBPBI18PB060SU SBPBI18PB060SS select […]

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Your specialist in ball lock pins

Ball lock pins are used to easily fasten and release metal panels. ¬†The typical T-handle style ball lock pin is most commonly used. ¬†Though an L-shape or button handle style ball lock pin also exists. The body material of a ball lock pin is made of stainless steel, the handle is made of black aluminium. […]

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