ball locking pin : SVLP62CB35

Button handle

Vlier button handle ball locking pin

Vlier button handle ball locking pin





features of vlier SVLP62CB35

–  Button handle design

– Handle is Black aluminium with Brass push button.

– Shank body is made from high-quality 300-series stainless steel


Special uses of vlier SVLP62CB35 :

– Material handling equipment

– Trailers and rigging equipment

– Food and medical applications

– Scaffolding and stage equipment


Anemo engineering is offering Vlier Button handle ball locking pin  SVLP62CB35 as factory new

button handle vlier technical





Dimensions of SVLP62CB35 :

Grip length of SVLP62CB35                        =  3.50 inch

Nominal shaft diameter               SVLP62CB35     =  5/8

Shaft diameter                 (A)=       0.6235 inch 0.6235tolerance

Locking width                 (B)=       0.750 inch 0.750tolerance

Protruding length                 (C)=       0.580 inch 0.580tolerance